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#freebooks – Unreal reality Sci-fi book giveaway
#freebooks – Man Alone by Don Berry
#freebooks – Half Around Pluto by Manly Wade Wellman
#freebooks – Forbidden Letters by Elin Peer
#freebooks – [pdf, epub, kindle] “Dive into Python 3” – Mark Pilgrim
#freebooks – FREE!!! Due to human infertility, people of the future must either raise clones of themselves as children or die out completely. THE MORE I DISAPPEAR
#freebooks – Newly Free Low Carb and Keto Kindle Book Lists for 2019-10-30
#freebooks – The Key – ebook on work from home opportunities is free for next three days
#freebooks – Odell’s Fall, legal thriller – FREE until October 31st
#freebooks – The Reading Advantage: Quick & Easy Ways To Transform Your Tween Into A Passionate Reader! – FREE until November 1st
#freebooks – [FREE] THE SILVER SMILER -Horror/Suspense/Thriller Novella that is the PERFECT read for easing into Halloween!
#freebooks – Searching for a lost girl in a broken down mental hospital where reality is breaking down, horror novel The Lost and the Damned by Dennis Liggio is free for the next few days!
#freebooks – Galileo Galilei: A Captivating Guide to an Italian Astronomer, Physicist, and Engineer and His Impact on the History of Science
#freebooks – Modern Day Fables is free at the moment and kind of spooky, if you consider a story where everyone loses their personalities to be scary.