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How to Make a Job Resume That Doesn't Suck | Job Resume Hacks to Get You the Career You Want: (Career Hacking Series Book 2) by [Paul, Benjamin]

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Not sure how to make a job resume that’s modern and doesn’t look like it came out of a Windows 95 template collection?

Want to know the job resume secrets to creating a document that gets noticed by recruiters…and gets you a frickin’ job interview?

Looking for career hacking shortcuts to present yourself in the most professional – and non-creepy – way to hiring managers?

Well, JOB SEEKER, you have come to the right place.

Because in How to Make a Job Resume That Doesn’t Suck – (Career Hacking Series Vol.2) you’ll learn, in this no-nonsense resume job guide from a veteran recruiter and HR professional, such invaluable strategies as:

  • “How to Remove Red Flags (of Any Kind) From Your Resume” – Even those you’ve never heard of! From experience gaps to shaky LinkedIn profiles to coming up with accomplishments, even if you haven’t accomplished anything, in this chapter we’ll show you how to brand yourself as the perfect candidate.
  • “How to Build Your Resume for Maximum Awesomeness”– This is where we go over a job resume template that works, no matter your industry. We’ll cover each part of your resume, step-by-step; we’ll even go over which font to use. (Or not use.)
  • “How to Customize Your Resume (in 10 Minutes or Less)”– Job hunting tips don’t come more important than this: make your resume appear like it’s made for just one employer. (Even if it’s not.) In this chapter you’ll learn how to make each resume seem unique…even if it’s as generic as a Mickey D’s hamburger.
  • “How to Write a Cover Letter That Gets You Past Gatekeepers” – As a former gatekeeper I’ll pull back the curtain on what you need to do to find that secret “cover letter backdoor” and how to tailor your communication for each employer. (Without losing your mind.)
  • “How to Find the Secret, Hidden Job Market” – Don’t tell the competition! This is where we go over the secret job market that doesn’t exist yet…and where nobody else is applying.

…and so much more!

So, if you’ve had trouble finding a job in the past, and you feel you just need a chance to get your resume and cover letter noticed…

DOWNLOAD How to Make a Job Resume That Doesn’t Suck – (Career Hacking Series Vol.2) TODAY!

Might just be the thing you need to find that career of your dreams.

Don’t believe us?

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“This is a great book for those who are stuck in their own ways of searching for jobs. Times have changed and either you adapt or get left behind so go out and buy this funny, yet brilliant book about the new job market and how to market yourself and find a job.” – Martin

“The usefulness and utility of what Benjamin has presented here is undoubtedly of superb value! Everyone who reads this book and practices will benefit – whether a job seeker or others.” -BG

“The employment landscape has definitely changed this century and your book is ON THE MONEY! Thanks!”- Kitty

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