#freebooks – 4.0: A Comprehensive Guide to Achieving the Perfect College GPA—Insightful and Original Advice for College Students

4.0: A Comprehensive Guide to Achieving the Perfect College GPA by [Wallace, Nathan]

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This book contains clear, easy-to-understand strategies that enable you to graduate at the top of your class while studying less than a ‘C’ student.

For many, college is a time of stress, anxiety, and endless coursework. It’s easy for students to believe that achieving a perfect GPA is impossible or attainable only by taking residence in the library and studying non-stop. This perception of college may seem true to anyone who has accepted a traditional approach to study and lifestyle. Fortunately, there is a better way to approach college…

This book outlines the exact methods I used to graduate a year early at the top of my class in college. Teeming with entertaining anecdotes and educational insight, this is the most enjoyable, effective, easy to implement guide to college study and lifestyle on the market.

4.0: A Comprehensive guide features tips that will improve your study methods,increase your free time, and reduce your stress levels regardless of your current academic standing.

Here’s a peek into the contents of this book:
Combating the lie that all college students have been told

•Easy to implement study tips that allow you to learn more in less time

•How to behave in class, your room, and your study space in order to maximize learning, reduce stress, and increase your free time.

•What Not to do while you study

•A time management method that eliminates distractions and boosts attention.

•Methods of listening in class that will greatly reduces the time you spend studying

•Using the syllabus to outperform your peers

•The proper way to plan for exams (and the wrong way)

•The best way to plan your coursework

•Maximizing attention paid to lectures

•Boosting GPA by changing habits

•Retaining more information from readings and videos

•How to control the pacing of your coursework

•Creating a rock-solid schedule that increases free time

Whether you’re just starting your undergraduate studies or if you’re in your final semester, the unique perspective provided by this book will prove extremely valuable, and the improvement in both your GPA and your quality of life will be immediately noticeable.

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