#freebooks – New York on a Budget: The complete guide to saving money on accommodations, attractions, restaurants, shopping, and more – FREE until October 1st

New York on a Budget: The complete guide to saving money on accommodations, attractions, restaurants, shopping, and more by [Peruchi, Laura]

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New York on a Budget is the ultimate budget travel guide to New York City, full of the most useful, up-to-date information for a cheap vacation in NYC.

An extensive guide to saving money on:

– Accommodations: including tips about Hotels & Hostels in New York off the beaten path for you to consider, tips on bargain websites;
– Transportation: a complete guide to exploring the subway & bus system and the cheapest ways to get to and from the three main New York airports: JFK, Newark, and LaGuardia;
– Tourism: a summary guide showing the days to enjoy museums and other attractions for free, Hop on, Hop off with public transportation, ways to see New York from above for free;
– Broadway tickets: a full guide explaining the cheapest way to get tickets for each one of the Broadway shows, musicals, and plays. Rush tickets, Lottery, Online lottery, and Broadway Roulette and more;
– Food: budget eating in New York – the best fast foods, cheap restaurants, food trucks and places to eat for free.
– Shopping: including guides to Discount stores, where to buy cosmetics, free beauty services, an up to date Sample Sales guide, Thrift stores, tips for purchasing luxury handbags and a full guide to save a lot of money buying used electronics on Craigslist.

This book is perfect for backpackers, budget travelers, families on a tight budget, students and those who are new to the United States and to New Your City. Get the most out of this fantastic city, without burning a hole in your wallet!


New York is a very expensive city, and it meets well-known expectations. Everything in the Big Apple can be overpriced when compared to the rest of the United States. Accommodations, rent, restaurants, supermarkets: anyone who lives or visits the city can easily end up overspending.

At the same time, it is a fascinating city; it is no wonder that it is one of the most visited places in the world. But is it possible to make a low-cost trip to New York City? The answer is yes! After more than four years of living here, writing daily on my blog about the city, and giving tips on YouTube and Instagram, I’ve learned the ins and outs of living in New York on a budget.

My work can be broken down into two categories: tips to save money and not-so-obvious things to do in NYC. To help travelers who want to plan a trip to the city without spending much, I have put together several tips in this book, which cover different areas from accommodations to food, shopping to attractions, and much more.

Everything is designed to keep the costs low during your stay in the capital of the world. If your idea is to save money while in NYC, know that this is possible – and this book will help you in this mission!


Laura Peruchi is a Brazilian blogger, author, and entrepreneur.
She has lived in Manhattan with her husband since 2014. Since then, she has shared on her blog — www.lauraperuchi.com — varied daily content about the Big Apple. From travel tips, including unusual things to do, to shopping tips, etiquette, restaurants, and a lot more, her blog has become a reference in Portuguese (also available in English) for anyone planning a trip to New York City. She is also the creator of the NYC Beauty app, a beauty shopping guide to NYC, available for Android and iOS in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. This book is the result of more than four years of daily research and writing about New York.
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