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BC Guitar by [Larson, Samuel]

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Welcome to Beginning Contemporary Guitar,

As a teacher, I’ve observed that new students vary widely in age and past experience. Some students have played an instrument and have learned to read music but are new to the guitar. Others may have some experience with the guitar but no formal training in the language of music. And some students have never played a musical instrument.

No matter which background applies to you, if you’re taking this course, then you’ve decided to start from the beginning to develop a solid foundation with both the guitar and reading music.

The materials list for this course has three required elements:

1) You’ll need a six string acoustic or electric guitar,

2) A medium gauge guitar plectrum (guitar pick),

3) And a computer, laptop, or handheld electronic device.

This course is offered in digital format, and some of the course material includes interactive audio/visual media. In order to take full advantage of the interactive elements, be sure to use a device with audio/video capability.

Thank you for choosing this coursework for your lessons. After many years of watching new students develop into musicians, I strongly believe that a program which embraces the language of music is the best beginning for a lifetime of musical fulfillment.

Samuel Larson
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