#freebooks – Always a Cold Deck (A Harry Reese Mystery Book 1) by Robert Bruce Stewart

Always a Cold Deck (A Harry Reese Mystery Book 1) by [Stewart, Robert Bruce]

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In July 1900, hapless insurance investigator Harry Reese travels to Buffalo to look into a suspicious fire. But when Harry uncovers a smuggling ring, the case morphs into something more sinister, and he’s faced with a new set of questions. What’s become of the notorious ringleader? Was the missing Charles Elwell killed for the insurance money? Or is he alive and sharing in the proceeds? And is his comely niece merely trying to divert Harry’s attention—or is she truly as eccentric as she appears?

To find the answers, Harry travels to Canada and back in the company of a political boss’s conniving stooge and the aforementioned nutty niece. It’s a byzantine odyssey, during which Harry can never be sure of anyone’s loyalties, least of all those who’ve hired him. And when it’s all over, he finds himself wedded to a new conundrum, which makes what went before pale in comparison….

For more information on the series, please visit:HarryReeseMysteries.com

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