#freebooks – “The Cow Hunters,” by Tim Robinson. WINNER! BEST FICTION! Florida Historical Society – Patrick D. Smith Award, 2015. Saturday thru Wednesday only!

A Tropical Frontier: The Cow Hunters by [Robinson, Tim]

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Best Fiction, Florida Historical Society, Patrick D. Smith Award, 2015.

[Rating: R] The Fourth novel in the “Tropical Frontier” series, The Cow Hunters is the sequel to The Good Dog.

The Florida Prairie, 1860, cattle country. War looms, but to the settlers living along a jungled, tropical creek, it all seems very far away. For Becky Hackensaw, there are much more pressing matters, such as providing an education for her six children, but where to find someone willing to brave an uninhabited wilderness overrun with wild animals, alligators, poisonous snakes, and bloodthirsty mosquitoes?
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