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Yesterday my mother was a high-powered attorney. Today she is a mermaid. While the car accident we were in left me unscathed, I’ve got whiplash from how quickly my teenage life has spiraled out of control. Mom doesn’t care about her court cases and keeps talking about her missing tail.

My six-year-old sister believes our mom is a fish. Well, part water nymph, and wants to learn all about my mother’s underwater world. Although I’m only 16, I’m suddenly my mother’s caretaker, while managing my heavy load of schoolwork and the fact that my lifelong crush is finally noticing I exist.

Now Dad is acting unpredictable too. In a desperate attempt to save their marriage he’s dressing as a pirate! If I don’t die of mortification, my future is suddenly looking very strange and kind of scary. I mean, mermaids are cool and all, but not when your mom is dressed as one in a homemade shell bra while living in landlocked Nebraska.

I’m terrified she will never get better. Maybe the generous, loyal, hardworking mom I’ve always taken for granted is gone for good. Or maybe I’m the one floundering in the deep end.

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