#freebooks – Zombie Crusade Books I – III: Zombie Crusade, David’s Journey, Evolution by J.W. Vohs

Zombie Crusade Books I - III: Zombie Crusade, David's Journey, Evolution by [Vohs, J.W.]

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This set includes the first three books in the Zombie Crusade series: Zombie Crusade, Zombie Crusade II: David’s Journey, and Zombie Crusade III: Evolution.
In Zombie Crusade, former Ranger Jack Smith can’t shake his experience with an insolated virus in Afghanistan where infected villagers soon became voracious cannibals that could only be stopped by skull-crushing blows that destroyed their brains. Preparing for an outbreak he hopes will never materialize, Jack builds a fortress in rural Indiana and learns to craft deadly medieval weapons. When the unthinkable happens and the virus breaks free from the Hindu-Kush mountains, Jack understands that the best way to fight the infected is by utilizing 21st century technology combined with deadly medieval tactics and weaponry. Together with friends and most of his family, Jack begins to forge an organized resistance against the infected while he creates a safe-haven for the local survivors of what appears to be a zombie apocalypse.
In Zombie Crusade II: David’s Journey, young lawyer David Smith fails to heed his brother Jack’s warning and ends up stranded in Cleveland as civilization collapses. David and his fiancé, Christy, escape to the suburbs where they assemble a small group of survivors, including a deadly teenager named Luke who seems to have a sixth-sense about the zombies. As time passes, the creatures seem to be growing stronger and faster, so David decides to lead his group to his brother’s fortress in Indiana, utilizing the lakes and rivers of the Midwest. During the journey, David discovers that the zombies are more than they appear to be, and so are the people who end up following him on his journey home.
In Zombie Crusade III: Evolution, reunited with his brother, David, Jack begins to fortify a network of survivors across the continental United States. The infected have become organized predators known as “hunters,” and while medieval weaponry and modern armor continue to be the most effective defense when facing the creatures in combat, Jack and his followers learn that there are even deadlier enemies lurking beyond the battlefield.
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