#freebooks – Ivan the Terrible: A Life From Beginning to End by Hourly History

Ivan the Terrible: A Life From Beginning to End by [History, Hourly]

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Ivan the Terrible

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Just what was so terrible about Ivan the Terrible? Most of us are familiar with this infamous nickname, but most fall short of being able to describe how he received such an ominous moniker. Maybe you’ve heard the stories of how Ivan killed his own son, poisoned his wives, and waged war on his neighbors, but these anecdotes are just minor details in the scheme of this man’s complicated life.

Inside you will read about…

✓ Ivan, the Neglected Orphan
✓ Ivan’s Liberation of Slaves
✓ War in the Baltic
✓ Intrigue and Diplomacy
✓ Ivan’s Final Redemption
✓ Ivan’s Last Days
And much more!

Ivan IV, otherwise known as Ivan the Terrible, was born with a heavy burden on his shoulders. He was thrust into the seat of what the Russians considered the Third Rome, granting him all the rights and privileges of the official steward of Orthodox Christian civilization in the east. In order to hold on to that right, he did indeed do some pretty terrible things.
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