#freebooks – Dead Men Naked, my Urban Fantasy book, free to download! If you like Neil Gaiman give it a go :)

Dead Men Naked by [Cannizzaro, Dario]

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Are you ready to meet Death? Lou wasn’t, and he really didn’t want to, but when the Grim Reaper becomes your road trip buddy on a mission to save your lover’s soul, there’s not much choice.

An urban fantasy debut novel sprinkled with humour and philosophy, which will redefine how you think of death.

“Better than Neil Gaiman” – Sean Barrs, Fantasy Book Review UK
“Like Terry Pratchett and David Lynch together” – Jay , Examining the Odd

DEAD MEN NAKED is Dario Cannizzaro’s debut novel. His short stories have appeared in many Literary Magazines, online and in print, such as The Galway Review, Trigger Warning Short Fiction, Two Thousand Words, and Chantwood Magazine – and have been most recently collected in the anthology “Of Life, Death, Aliens, and Zombies”.

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