#freebooks – Darkest Waters (True Crime Box Set): Notorious USA by Katherine Ramsland

Darkest Waters (True Crime Box Set): Notorious USA by [Ramsland, Katherine]

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WELCOME TO THE LATEST BOX SET in the New York Times bestselling series of stories about America’s most notorious criminals. For DARKEST WATERS, Wall Street Journal bestselling author Katherine Ramsland is the perfect guide to the famous and not so famous cases that still haunt the states huddled around the Great Lakes.

Say hello to Notorious USA!

Dr. Ramsland is one of the best in the business and here she takes readers on a journey through darkness with insight and clarity.

With this box set, the acclaimed crime author set her sights on Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Illinois. Any state that contains a large city will yield many crime stories. Chicago has certainly had its share. With the impact of gangsters, Prohibition, and a few creative serial killers, this city has it all. But murder happens in smaller towns, too, because greed, depravity, and jealousy exist everywhere. Indiana or the “Hoosier State” has its share of serial killers, from pig farmers to nurses to psychopathic businessmen. Indiana also hosted a historic murder that decimated the Midwestern Ku Klux Klan. With Katherine as your guide, you’ll meet a kid who watched too much TV, a woman who sent “company” to heaven for her deceased husband, and a cop who fought to clear his name and identify the real killer of his wife and kids.

And as they say, there’s much, much more. We’ve included maps of each state and a photo archive so you can see what these infamous people look like.

Don’t miss Bodies of Evidence, Notorious USA’s first box set and New York Times bestselling collection about the criminals from my neck of the woods (the Pacific Northwest). Like all of our collections, Bodies of Evidence (and Unnatural Causes and Overkill) is available as an eBook on most formats, as paperback and audio.
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