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MOMENTUM by [Isabelle, Yefon]

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Lieutenant Eden, is an exuberant government secret service agent, guising as a mutt in the spec ops.
It is 2034, Cameroon, post civil war era Africa, and women are now allowed to enlist into the spec ops.
The union government has been overthrown by the United federation of states, and Eden is tasked with gaining Intel on defective high ranking military officials and their unsanctioned activities across the continent.
Eden is on military drills in kiwayu island, a coastal outpost, prepping for a high priority mission.
A colossal Unidentified Object crash lands in the covert compound.
Eden is suddenly faced with what she thought was fiction. Strange events unravel as she comes in contact with Ranishé, a decorated captain of the unidentified scientific space expedition vessel, SRF 3340, Alzetec Yacht, and his charismatic team of 6… Originating from an interstellar system called, Zephyres.
Together, they fight a nefarious enemy, Nargoths; a formidable humanoid race, feared across the galaxies, who are after salient pieces of equipment in Ranishé’s possession.
Eden, Ranishé and his squadron, journey across the terrestrial sphere to the five strategic points of the earth to repair the weakening gravitational force, reverse the effects of the climate change and repair the earth’s magnetic poles from collapsing the earth.
After being witness to a staggering secretive, historical event that has been going on for millions of years, Eden proves her dedication to humanity rather than to the feared government and her superiors.
Will the government finally know the reason for Eden’s sudden mutiny? Will the perilous earth be saved both from itself and the unrelenting Nargoths? And will Eden and Ranishé succeed to place the cyclotrons at every strategic point of the earth?
A thrilling Sci-fi short story, fast paced like never before
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