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Want to grow your business with video, but you’re too camera shy? Eager to climb the corporate ladder, but a fear of the lens has got you stuck on the middle rungs? Well, it’s time to silence those nattering nabobs of negativity in your mind.

Video is now a widespread feature of the business and corporate landscape. Entrepreneurs are using video marketing to build bonds with customers and professionals are doing on-camera presentations for their companies.

How Not to Freeze On Camera: Be Confident and Natural in Videos will help you conquer your fear of the lens. Discover tips and techniques to speak with confidence on camera and step into the world of opportunities video can reveal.

Here’s what you’ll learn:
* Techniques to reduce nervousness and control your on-camera fears
* How to take charge of your message
* Finding poise and your on-camera voice
* How to shine in live videos
* Mastering the interview format

How Not to Freeze On Camera: Be Confident and Natural in Videos, is the third in the Mastering Video Series. Authors Paolo Kernahan and Narrisa Mandol have considerable experience both in front of and behind the camera. Their careers span a combined two decades in television and video production and include on-camera coaching for clients. Paolo and Narrisa have turned bundles of nerves into beacons of confidence using the techniques detailed in this book. They’re positive you already have what it takes to shine on camera.

There are no pills, potions or incantations to overcome on-camera anxieties. What you need are tried and true strategies to stoke confidence. How Not to Freeze on Camera: Be Confident and Natural in Videos can help you find the talent that’s inside you. 

Order your copy today and embrace all the rewards that video can bring.
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