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Hard Redemption: A Second Chance Romantic Comedy by [Wright, Emily J.]

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I am Duke Kingsley—a complete package, you can say.
Irresistibly Handsome. Devilishly Hot. Well Hung.
What else does a girl see in a guy?
Money, perhaps.
But don’t get fooled by my name. I am nowhere near Royalty. If I were, I wouldn’t be robbing houses for a living.

I was deprived of love my whole life until I fell in love with Amber. And my marriage with her provided me with much-needed stability in my life.

I was proud of my fortune. Two happily married years and my daughter Casey on the way. What more could I ask for? But who knew my shady past would finally catch up with me and bring along misfortune under its wings. I was arrested and jailed for three years when Casey was born.

Life never stops for anybody. Neither did it for me.
I am still where I was, but Amber has moved on.
She now hates me—and I can’t say I don’t deserve it. She blames me for ruining her life. I will always remain culprit in her eyes.

To even try to get a second chance, I have to prove that I can take care of my family. Which seemed far-fetched until yesterday when I was earning below minimum wage from waiting tables at a shit-hole restaurant.

But destiny has some other plans of putting me to a new path of redemption. An unexpected encounter with a mysterious woman from table no. 13 changed my life . . . and I can only hope for good.

Love, passion, romance, comedy, emotions, family drama . . . No matter what your preference, this read has just what you need.
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