#freebooks – The Minimum Effective Lifestyle: A lazy man’s guide to a good life

The Minimum Effective Lifestyle: A lazy man's guide to a good life by [Mark, Karl. N]


We all have shit we need to do but have zero motivation for. We all have aspirations to be super amazing human beings. But we can’t handle all that work that’s meant to go with it. We procrastinate. We binge on Netflix, YouTube and Instagram. All while our real dreams get further and further away. We’ll never write that novel. We’ll never lose that weight. We’ll never make the money we need. The tasks are just too daunting.

But is there a way to do the bare minimum that gets us there instead?

Is what we want not actually what we need?

Do we have to be the next Richard Branson? Is being average and happy a pretty fucking good result?

The Minimum Effective Lifestyle is a lazy man’s guide to a good life. Its aim is to simplify. Complexity is hard. And laziness is simply a reaction to complexity. But once we simplify, laziness will no longer be the issue. We will no longer be afflicted by procrastination.

This step-by-step lazy man’s guide teaches:

* How to minimise the things that don’t matter in your life
* How to leverage laziness to your advantage
* How to do less and achieve more
* How to beat procrastination and become productive

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