#freebooks – Tommy’s Toyland Nightmare: A Tale of Fantasy and Horror by J.Z. Pinder

Tommy's Toyland Nightmare: A Tale of Fantasy and Horror by [Pinder, J.Z.]

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“Young Tommy Perkins stared in wide-eyed fascination at the ghastly scene in the window. A tall man with a purple scar running the full length of his left cheek was using a thin cord to strangle a beautiful young woman. He was bare chested and bare footed, wearing a bright red, satin dressing gown and loose trousers of a similar material. The girl’s eyes threatened to bulge out of their sockets while her hands clawed furiously at the cord mercilessly choking the life out of her.”


He is Christmas shopping with his mother in Philadelphia’s giant Baumgartner department store. The boy had been curiously studying the store’s window display advertising the Larrouse Traveling Wax Museum. The museum depicted in wax some of the most brutal and terrifying murderers of the past hundred years. Through a scheduling error and over the objections of many, the show was rescheduled during the Christmas season.

Tommy becomes separated from his mother and inadvertently ends up locked in the store’s Toyland overnight.


It is during his longest night of sheer terror that his young eyes are subjected to unbelievable scenes of horror. He finds it hard to believe what he sees and experiences. Is it really happening to him? Only you the reader can decide that. Only you will know what really happened that fateful night in December of 1959 in the Toyland of the Baumgartner store.


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