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COLLEGE EXPOSED: How Students are Being Scammed & What You Can Do to Make the Most out of Your Education by [Luthra, G.S.]

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Are You a Current or Soon to Be College Student?

Do you Ever Question What You’re Doing with your Life?
How Colleges are Ripping off Students with RIDICULOUSLY Over Priced Degrees that have LOW JOB PROSPECTS, Leaving them with MASSIVE DEBT!


Dear Seeker of Education,

Have you ever doubted the promise of higher education? Well, I feel your pain because I’ve been there and
BELIIIEEEVE me, I know all too well the frustrations, disappointments, and annoyances of college life.

But before that, allow me to introduce.

Hi, I’m G.S. Luthra. I’m an author, artist, and writer where I contribute to different websites on fitness, culture, and even politics. I hold several degrees in business and art, and have done course work in molecular genetics, organic chemistry, and developmental neurobiology. I want to warn you today about the false promise of college.

Before you Blow this Off, Understand I Have 3 Degrees

I’m not just some disgruntled college dropout whining and complaining. Like you, I was told that I needed to go to college to be successful. I always loved art but was pushed into studying business as the job prospects were lucrative at the time.

Parents would tell me examples of other sons who did well majoring in finance.

I didn’t do too well as I hated school, but still, I was forced to continue, there was no other choice. Working many rut jobs also reinforced this. So, after managing to get a bachelors, I continue to pursue my passion in art and double majored. I was so happy thinking I would never have to sit in another business lecture again. How wrong I was.

I killed myself to produce work for the student exhibition, but hardly anyone saw it as they were busy munching the free food on the first floor while me and the other artists hung around the second floor. Not knowing what to do and unable to get a job, I luckily (I guess) got into the MBA program at my schools which was AACSB accredited for those of you who care, and again killed myself to complete the degree.

All professors thought I was great and had a million-dollar product during my graduate studies, but here I am writing to you copy on why college failed to deliver and how I ended up unemployed and disappointed.

But I Did Everything Right!

I applied to many jobs through my school’s career center, had them critique my resume, made multiple resumes, sat through interviews, network, approached key people at major companies, asked family for help, yet nothing worked. Ironically enough, what I used to do as a hobby I’m now earning money as a freelancer, making peanuts to what I thought I would.

After talking with many other students of various majors from I’ve come to the conclusion –

Getting a College Degree DOES NOT Guarantee Money & Happiness

It does not deliver as promised. Even STEM majors aren’t out of trouble. The perks of a degree are nothing like what is being advertised and more companies don’t give a sh**t about your degree anymore.

“There’s no need even to have a college degree…at all.”
– Elon Musk

What matters is your skill sets. College was supposed to be about acquiring technical training to get a high salary job that only few would attend. Now however, it is one big cesspit of political correctness and cultural indoctrination. Tuition costs continue to rise, more diversity of illegal immigration, and the standards and quality have declined.

I Sacrificed Everything!

I dumped my girlfriend, put my business on hold, lost time, money, and everything else to achieve academically and not only did it not bear fruit, I found that what I was taught was wrong. They were all based on theory without any practical implications. Today, I regret not taking more time to enjoy life, because I feel like I had made all those sacrifices for nothing.

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