#freebooks – Of Cinder and Madness (Once Upon a Darkened Night Book 1) by Nicole Zoltack

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Cinderella’s powers will destroy the Kingdom of Fantasia, and the only one who can save the kingdom is her “wicked” stepmother.

When Lady Angelique put her second husband to rest, she tried to do right by her step-daughter Eleonore. After Eleonore’s mystical abilities put Angelique’s own daughters’ lives at risk, she makes the difficult decision to lock the girl in the tower to keep the family safe.

After Eleonore’s devil-bird minions unleash her on an unsuspecting royal ball, Angelique must join forces with the king to save Fantasia before Eleonore destroys it.

Once Upon a Darkened Night Reading Order:

Of Cinder and Madness
The Cost of Love
The Cost of Grief
The Cost of Power
Of Slumber and Discord
The Cost of Magic
Of Rose and Cruelty
The Cost of Rage
The Cost of Treachery
The Cost of Enchantment
Of Bones and Ashes
Of Gold and Deceit
The Cost of Dominance
The Cost of Intolerance
Of Tresses and Desperation
The Cost of Greed
Of Wit and Hunger
The Cost of Extravagance
Of Wonder and Fear
The Cost of Time
Of Witches and Wizards
The Cost of War
The Cost of Peace
Of Straw and Stone
The Cost of Prejudice

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