#freebooks – Computer Practices using C++: Easy way to learn C++ by Ramkrishna Ghosh

Computer Practices using C++: Easy way to learn C++ by [Ghosh, Ramkrishna]

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This book covers the contents of Computer practices using C++ course for B.Tech Computer Science and Information technology courses of the Maulana Abul Kalam University of Technology. Most of the other technology universities around the country have a similar courses as well. Basic computer skills, particularly programming skills are essential for students of technology. All engineering students have a growing need for grooming in programming concepts as computers become an essential tool for study, research and other professional activities. They will need this skill not only for rest of their B Tech programs but also for higher studies, and during their working life. This book includes solved questions to illustrate the concepts, wherever necessary. Clear understanding of the concepts illustrated here, will be useful not only for doing well in examinations but also in technical interviews with recruiters.The study material in this book is divided into 17 chapters covering the prescribed syllabus. Students of other technology universities with a similar courses can also benefit from this book.
Key features:
1. lucid and clear explanations
2. Easy language and up to date information
3. Uniform style of presentation
4. Detailed coverage of syllabus
5. Excellent examination guide
6. Interview questions and answers
7. Point wise summary at the end of each chapter
8. Detailed Coverage of syllabus
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