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Amazon FBA guide: all you need to know to success on the Amazon FBA Business: A complete Amazon FBA guide. 50 pages featuring how to's, niche validation, Amazon FBA tools and 32 growth hacks by [Ordóñez Burgués, Jordi, Nicolás O'Shea, Miguel]

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Amazon FBA Guide’s purpose is to be a complete Amazon guide for begginers.
50 pages featuring how to’s, niche validation, Amazon FBA tools and 32 growth hacks

The purpose of this e-book is that by the time you finish reading it, you know everything you need to know in order to venture into launching a business based on Fulfillment By Amazon.

Many people are exclusively interested in this business model. It may be less lucrative than others, yet it pares the risks, investment and resources needed down to the minimum.

I recommend that you read it carefully because I’ve poured into it everything I’ve learned from working with different clients and seeing their successes and their missteps, so it may help you avoid some of the pitfalls along the way.


1. What is Amazon FBA?
1.1 Products divided by warehouses
1.2 Advantages of FBA
1.3 How much does FBA cost?
1.3.1 Logistics handling fee
1.3.2 Storage fee
1.3.3 Particularities in calculating FBA fees
1.3.4 Health of your inventory

2. FBA and niche products
2.1 How do you validate a niche?
2.2 Niche scouting using Junglescout
2.2 Suppliers in China
2.3 What products should you sell via FBA?
2.4 Diversify your FBA products

3. 32 Growth hacks for Amazon FBA
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