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Psalms of the Apocalypse by [Blackshear, J.]

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A spectacular economic and social collapse has plunged the world into a tumultuous new era of international conflict fueled by charismatic, ultra-nationalistic political superstars hellbent on upending the established world order. As the global hegemony has been thrown into total disarray, the nature of warfare and diplomacy has devolved from the broad-scale, multilateral military conflicts of past centuries into a petty game of tit-for-tat defamation, blackmail, and assassination fueled by hyper-potent designer drugs and petabytes of illicit cache.

At the center of these war games are generations of genetically engineered humans designed to obey, serve, and kill. Once publicly lauded and widely deployed, these weapons are now highly illegal and used only in secret by an elite few to push their own agendas, silence their opponents, and carry out personal vendettas.

This is the world that Lumi woke into, six months ago, a scientific triumph and part of the newest and most secret generation of superweapon known to conspiracy theorists as Generation Y. Kept in isolation in a prison hidden in plain sight on the sun-kissed coast of Southern California, Lumi lives to kill. With only the voice in her head to guide her, she cuts her way through anything that gets in her way until she comes into contact with another Gen Y and loses her footing in her already precarious reality.

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