#freebooks – Country Hauntings by J.M. Shorney

Country Hauntings by [Shorney, J. M.]

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Do you believe in ghosts?
Does a phantom funeral procession, complete with headless horses and coachman, wind its way toward Bussock Hill House on moonlit nights?
Or how about the solid looking shade of a long-dead man, leaning over the gate of a certain cottage in Chaddleworth, a small country village in West Berkshire.
Wander along to Spray Lane and look out for an old roadster from a bygone age: allegedly hit by a cab driver returning home in the early hours. Only for the cabbie to look back and find the road empty.
Newbury’s bloody history dates to two battles fought during the English Civil War. Many bodies, it is claimed, were thrown into mass graves. Was it these sad spectres that were seen in the mists during the construction of the bypass?
Just a few of the many creepy tales found here. Read if you dare!
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