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The right road will always lead you home. But how will Melinda know which path to choose?

Two months into an unexpected sabbatical from her bustling life in Minneapolis, her efforts at her rented farmhouse are starting to pay off. She’s learned to preserve produce, outsmart a few headstrong chickens and wrangle a flock of spoiled sheep.

As the sleepy weeks of late summer arrive, Melinda revels in the new serenity she’s found at her farm, where her days are marked by morning-fresh eggs and stunning sunsets. But even in the little town of Prosper, nothing stays the same.

One member of the hardware store’s coffee group shares a startling announcement, and a trip back to the city makes Melinda realize how deep her roots now run in rural Iowa. When autumn’s changing winds bring new opportunities, she must choose between returning to her old life or taking a chance on an uncertain future.

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