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Finding Freedom In a Framework: Moving Out of Chaos and into Purpose by [Hubert, Michelle]

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Living a life of freedom and fulfillment doesn’t always come easy. We all find ourselves in
perfect peace or in chaos at different points in our lives. The key to calming the chaos and
unlocking the freedom is creating a framework for your life that takes you from knowing to
doing. When we know better, we do better. Considering the number of obligations and
distractions that exist, living by design may seem like an impossible dream. But it is not — not
with the framework outlined in this book.

FINDING FREEDOM IN A FRAMEWORK is your opportunity to identify your priorities, live with
intention, and create a life that embraces the real you. We’ll dive into how you can leverage
that Framework to build more freedom into every area of your life: personally, professionally,
with family, and spiritually.


  • Embrace You – It starts with embracing who you are by clarifying personal values andliving authentically.
  • Design Your Life – Leverage habits to drive the right daily decisions, and aggressivelypursuing pursue growth.
  • Build Your Legacy – Living fully in purpose and utilizing your framework to be of service to others – building your legacy.

With your FREEDOM IN A FRAMEWORK, you won’t just live life, but live the life you deserve —
and in abundance. In our daily lives, we are operating either by default or by design.

Join me as we remove the chaos and create a life of freedom!

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