#freebooks – Kindle: Tool of Truth. Elliott Killian. Lesbian Romance Mystery. (Free until Friday 9/21)

Tool of Truth: A Lesbian Detective Romance by [Killian, Elliott]

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Steamy Romance with a Happy Ending

Sometimes the truth can be scarier than the unknown–and for one private eye, what she sees will be hard to believe…
In a game of cat and mouse, the real killer behind a bloody murder will evade capture only so long as the town’s esteemed private eye has her eye on a much bigger prize. After falling in love with a detective while working the murder case. But, they must keep their feeling in check, while their lust for each other grows.

Now, before an innocent man goes to jail, our private eye will have to unravel the dirty laundry enveloping this town and get to the bottom of all these misdeeds and cover-ups before the real murder slips away again.

About 10,000 words
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