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The Kavanaugh Court by [Ofari Hutchinson, Earl]

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In The Kavanaugh Court, political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson takes a laser look at his record on an off the bench. He warns that the peril that Kavanaugh poses once on the bench is monumental. This is not guesswork and a shrill cry of wolf. There’s a paper trail that’s a mile wide and is filled with dire warnings of what will come with a Kavanaugh on the SCOTUS. There are his hard-right rulings and opinions in appellate cases on abortion, and surveillance and wiretapping, labor, the financial industry and corporate regulations, immigrant rights, and affirmative action. They all reflected the textbook conservative stance on these issues that expand and endorse corporate and civil rights and liberties abuses.
The Kavanaugh Court examines the high stakes in the fight over Roe vs. Wade, the hard right’s relentless drive to control the court, what the Democrats can do to fight the Kavanaugh nomination, and what the SCOTUS will look like with him casting the deciding 5th vote in major cases. The Kavanaugh Court also presents Kavanaugh’s own words from his major address to the American Enterprise Institute in 2017 that gives a telling glimpse into how he will rule once on the high court. The Kavanaugh Court is a stark and frightening assessment of the long-term impact for the nation of a Kavanaugh Supreme Court.
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