#freebooks – The Adventures of Frakash in the Land of the Geekmeisters: A picture book for adults

The Adventures of Frakash in the Land of the Geekmeisters: A Picture Book for Adults by [Ghulam, Elen]

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“Frakash was a garden gnome who thought that magic was boring”

So begins a story of irresistible charm, beautifully written and illustrated by Elen Ghulam.

Do you miss bedtime stories from your childhood? The Adventures of Frakash in the Land of the Geekmeisters is a funny tale that your loved one can read to you. Although there is no reason why a child shouldn’t read it—there is no profanity and nothing explicit, this story is aimed at adults.

Frakash wanted to become a computer programmer and so he sneaked into the office of a software company to blend it with those he calls geekmeisters. Between a terrifying encounter with a photocopying machine and a design meeting where he bluffs his understanding of the dizzying array of technological words, Frakash is determined not to use a single magical spell from his fairy-tale life. Will Frakash develop the necessary logical muscles to belong in the antiseptically linear world of the corporate office? Can he make a useful contribution without resorting to his gnome training?

This is a story that turns the daily working grind into a fairy-tale, you will want to share it with everyone who has ever worked in an office.
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