#freebooks – Renegade Car Camping: A Guide to Free Campsites and the Ultimate Road Trip Experience by Bryan Snyder

Renegade Car Camping: A Guide to Free Campsites and the Ultimate Road Trip Experience by [Snyder, Bryan]

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Be the star of your own epic road trip!

Renegade Car Camping will give you the knowledge and strategies you need to cut loose from crowded campgrounds and experience an adventurous, inexpensive tour through the Great American West and beyond.

Discover how to find free car campsites on public lands and in questionable areas. Learn how to locate primitive hot springs, navigate the Couchsurfing website, and stay clean, well-fed, and digitally-connected.

With over two decades of experience in extended cross-country travel, Bryan and his intrepid Jeep Charlie have amassed a wealth of information and organizational techniques that will keep you healthy and relaxed on the road while avoiding unnecessary expenses.

It’s a beautiful country… why wait any longer to see it? Pick up Renegade Car Camping and start planning your next adventure!


Q: Will there be a listing of free campsites state-by-state in future editions?

A: No, and for good reason. Listing these overlooked areas would cause them to be quickly destroyed through overuse. But inside Renegade Car Camping is a link to a free short guidebook called Ten Renegade Camping Destinations, which lists some of the best options for your first forays into cross-country car camping, all chosen for their accessibility, natural beauty and capacity to handle the extra attention.
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