#freebooks – Learn French today! πŸ‡«πŸ‡· I’m doing a giveaway on Amazon Thursday and Friday and you guys can get the entire book for free 😍 To help with pronunciation, I’ve made all of the words and phrases phonetic to help you speak properly. Feel free to download and review if you enjoy 😊

Speak French: The Easiest Way to Learn French and Speak Immediately! (RocketPack Book 2) by [Flood, Daniel, Verschueren, Gaelle]

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The Best Way to Start Speaking French Today – Simple, Easy, and Affordable

Make it your resolve to learn a new language this year!

If you are looking for the easiest way to speak a new language immediately, then RocketPackβ„’ is here!

With “Speak French” you will learn to speak French using a proven process used by veteran polyglots to become conversationally fluent in new languages in the shortest time possible.

Now you can learn the French language fast

The easiest way to learn a new language is to start speaking it immediately. Gaining early momentum is fun and rewarding, and provides positive reinforcement to continue and learn even more.

The problem with most language learning approaches is that they can be too overwhelming and all but impossible to stick to except for the most motivated and diehard learners. Many of the language teaching programs are very costly and bulky; and the delivery is outdated.

We’ve all spent $40 on a package of CDs that we never opened afterwards… so if you’ve been there, don’t sweat it too much, you’re not alone!

With “Speak French,” instantly delivered to your device via e-book, you will learn French in a way that is simple and easy, and we’ve made it affordable for everyone. So there is no longer any excuse to start speaking a new language. Impress your friends, impress your colleagues, impress French locals too!

Planning a trip to France? Looking to speak French for business reasons, or hoping to communicate with a French partner, friend, or family member? You need not spend hundreds on courses or devote several months to study just to speak conversationally and find your way around. Start speaking French today, and amaze yourself and others with your progress!

France is a beautiful country and one of my favorite places in the world to call home. This helpful French phrasebook and guide to this fun and interesting language will help enrich your experience of France in many ways.

I can’t wait to teach you French! Click download, and let’s get started πŸ™‚

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