#freebooks – [Free Till 9/28/2018] Low-Sci-Fi Coming Of Age Story About a Bisexual Living Weapon With PTSD

The Color of Strawberries by [H, Nico]

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If it isn’t gray, then it must be red.

She opens her eyes and wonders why she can’t see the world in the same way as everybody else.

She opens her mouth and wonders why she says such awful things.

She opens her hands, and wonders why a knife falls to the ground.

She opens her heart, and wonders why she’s broken.

This is the life of Ayano Ueda, a girl who went to church every Sunday, was friendly with everyone, and listened to her elders.

Until the day that everything fell apart.

(For more by the author, visit nicohverse.webs.com and/or nicoserial.blogspot.com)
(NOTE: Be warned before reading that this book’s intention is to tell a story and examine how trauma can impact somebody. No immoral actions committed by or to the main character are endorsed by the author in any way.)
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