About Us


Our Vision

My purpose of creating this site is to help authors market their books to the readers, to have a bridge between authors and readers, so that anytime when an author publishes a book, it will be notified to all the readers, to encourage them to purchase and provide feedback on the book. Also, I would like to provide as much as information for the new and existing authors to know about the current market trends and any recent updates in the book publishing domain.

Journey So Far....

Though this is a new website, I am not new to book marketing. Many authors already know me since I have been servicing to quite a few successfully, for the past 7 years. I had initially created a website using google site, and contacted many authors to get our services in terms of getting true reviews for their books. Though getting reviews is the first step in getting your book marketed, the trend is fast changing with the advent of social media. I had learnt many strategies in the book publishing industry, which I wanted to effectively use to my customers and help them, in some ways, to achieve their goals. I felt, it is always beneficial to have a website and bring in multiple authors, so that individual channels gets merged, which helps readers to find new authors, this way both book readers and authors get benefited.

Next Steps...

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