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#freebooks – Urban Mythic: Thirteen Novels of Adventure and Romance, featuring Norse and Greek Gods, Demons and Djinn, Angels, Fairies, Vampires, and Werewolves in the Modern World
#freebooks – Smashwords End of Year Sale December 25 – January 1 Let’s Play War, an Ebook by Dan Mat
#freebooks – Children of Another Bible: We Were Not the Only Ones – FREE until December 29th
#freebooks – Rationality: From AI to Zombies | Brilliant articles on rationality, psychology, biases. By Eliezer Yudkowsky
#freebooks – Goliath (A Ryan Mitchell Thriller Book 1) by Richard Turner
#freebooks – Ebola K: A Terrorism Thriller: book 1 by Bobby Adair
#freebooks – San Francisco Relief Survey; the organization and methods of relief used after the earthquake and fire of April 18, 1906, by Charles James O’Connor
#freebooks – My last short story giveaway for 2017: “The day the Dolphins Vanished” free with coupon code EW95R directly at this link — expires 12/24/2017
#freebooks – Mexico, Volume 1 (of 2) A Record of Five Years’ Exploration Among the Tribes of the Western Sierra Madre; In the Tierra Caliente of Tepic and Jalisco; and Among the Tarascos of Michoacan
#freebooks – EARTH SEVEN – Welcome to the universe after we finally conquer the urge to blow up everything. But even a universe at peace is still a dangerous place. FREE SCI-FI SATIRE
#freebooks – Sci-Fi, Comedy [Kindle] Nazi Monster Jagers – Revelations of the Shiny Balls
#freebooks – neon/echo [KU & Free till December 24th]
#freebooks – Experts Of Our Potential: A Story That Will Change The Way You Deliver Value – FREE until December 24th
#freebooks – [Kindle] Keto Slow Cooker Cookbook by Jolene Daisy will be free during the promotion from 22 until 23 of December 2017.
#freebooks – [Audiobook] Murder, Sharp and Shiny – by Rodney Milton – a Fantasy Noir Comedy where 2 humans find themselves thrust into a magic realm [Free Indefinitely]