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#freebooks – Tobacco: Growing, Curing, & Manufacturing by C. G. Warnford Lock 1886
#freebooks – The British Interned in Switzerland by H. P. Picot 1919
#freebooks – An Unforgivable Love Story (angsty romance full of all sorts of unforgivable things) is free until Saturday, 12/9!!
#freebooks – Zen Arcade: Classic Video Game Reviews. A collection of 140 essay reviews on retro games for NES, Super NES, N64, Genesis, Turbografx and Neo-Geo. Free on Amazon until Dec 10. Please check it out and share your thoughts!
#freebooks – [Kindle] Fracture After Dark by Shawn Jolley [Free through Tuesday, December 5]
#freebooks – Ethereum
#freebooks – Brownstone, FREE TODAY 12-5-17 Readers Compare My Books To James Rollins, Clive Cussler & Dan Brown
#freebooks – [Fantasy] Welcome to Deep Cove – Dec 5 and 6
#freebooks – [Free Dec. 5 only, Short Fiction, Kindle] The Magic of Marmalade and Other Stories, a collection of heartwarming tales with delightfully quirky characters
#freebooks – Shadestaff: Descent, the 2nd book in the Shadestaff Trilogy, free until friday.
#freebooks – [Kindle] Crystal Healing: Revealed! The Exciting Secret to Using Powerful Crystals – FREE until December 8th
#freebooks – Stop Procrastinating: A Simple Guide to Hacking Laziness, Building Self Discipline, and Overcoming Procrastination – FREE until December 7th
#freebooks – [Kindle] Conquering Fear and Anxiety About Flying: The Quick Guide to Take You from Powerless to Powerful (free until December 6th)
#freebooks – An Unforgivable Love Story by B.L. Berry
#freebooks – The Soul Summoner by Elicia Hyder