#freebooks – Artisan Pizza Cookbook: Baking Secrets and Delicious Easy Recipes for the Perfect Pizza

Artisan Pizza Cookbook: Baking Secrets and Delicious Easy Recipes for the Perfect Pizza (Pizza Recipes & Pizza Dough Recipes) by [Tate, Jennifer]

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Filled with pizza recipes for any occasion, The Artisan Pizza Cookbook features recipes that you can use to add a little extra excitement to any gathering or event.

This is a pizza cookbook that is simple and easy-to-follow, presenting descriptions and ingredient lists that do not put too much pressure on you as the chef.

In addition to recipes, you will also find recommendations for your journey as a pizza chef – from the dough rolling to the slice and every step in between! This pizza recipe book will help you to become a true pro of pizza dough recipes.

Finally, you can accrue the skills and the knowledge that you need by following a program that works: these are recipes that will put you on the fast track to pizza stardom!

You will discover in this pizza book:

  • 50+ pizza recipes with different toppings from meat to healthy
  • Pizza dough recipes from classic to dietary
  • Incredible sauce recipes
  • Original secrets for cooking a perfect pizza
  • Grocery shopping list & list of kitchen tools
  • Nutrition information and useful tips

Whatever toppings you prefer, however much cheese is ideal for you, pizza is a dish that we all learn to love young and then continue to love throughout the rest of our lives.

Share your love of pizza – and let it grow and blossom further! – with The Artisan Pizza Cookbook, a baking book to the dinner everyone is always in the mood for!

The Artisan Pizza Cookbook – Share Your Passion for Good Taste & Fun!


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