#freebooks – Git and Github Guide: The Basics by Jerry N. P.

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This book is a guide for you on how to use Git and GitHub. The first part of the book is a guide for you to help you get started with Git and GitHub. This involves installing Git and creating a GitHub account. The basics that one should know in order to be able to excellently use Git and GitHub have been discussed. You are guided on how to create a new repository. You will also know how to create branches, pull requests, merge pull requests, delete files of a repository, cloning a repository, restoring the contents of a repository, deleting and restoring the entire repository etc. You are also guided on how to perform authentication using SSH (Secure Schell). You will know how to generate and use the keys necessary for SSH authentication. The process of hosting static websites on GitHub has been discussed. You will also know how to make your code citable. The process of managing collaborators or users working on a similar repository has been explored.

The following topics have been discussed in this book:

– Getting Started
– GitHub Basics
– Setting up SSH Authentication
– Social Coding
– Hosting Static Websites
– Making Code Citable
– Managing Repository Collaborators

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