#freebooks – R Programming for Beginners: Fast and Easy Learning R by Steven Keller

R Programming for Beginners: Fast and Easy Learning R by [Keller, Steven]

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This book is an exploration of the R programming language. It begins by explaining to you the main uses of the R programming language and where it is normally applied. You are then guided on how to setup the programming environment, both on Windows and Linux. The various data types available in R are discussed, and you will learn how to define and use all of these. Variables, which are of great utility in any programming language are explored, thus, you will learn how to define variables in R. The R programming language supports decision-making. The various decision-making statements which are supported in this language are examined. Loops are also of great importance when we are drawing graphs and charts in R. They specify a section of code which is to be executed a number of times. These have been explored in this book in detail. Functions, which are good for the grouping of code are explored, along with order strings, vectors, and lists, which are the data types of great importance in R. Matrices represent a data type which can be used for storing data in a number of dimensions. This book explores the use of matrices in R, thus, you will know how to work with these. Arrays, which are more advanced than matrices have also been discussed. The book also guides you on how to work with factors and data frames.
The following topics are discussed in this book:
A Brief Overview of R Programming
Setting up the Environment
Data Types in R
Decision Making
Data Frames

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