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The Reading Advantage: Quick & Easy Ways To Transform Your Tween Into A Passionate Reader! (The Small Guide to BIG Results Series) by [Shakespeare, Strawberry]

The Reading Advantage

Is your tween a reluctant reader? Are you worried about your child’s success in school?

If you are concerned about your child’s reading behavior and are seeking a way to increase her love of reading, then you are in the right place! In The Reading Advantage, psychologist and children’s author Strawberry Shakespeare guides you through the simple steps needed to transform your child into a passionate reader.

This fluff-free guide provides targeted help for reluctant readers as well as an array of powerful tips and tricks that are certain to increase every child’s interest in reading.

You will discover
– why it’s so important for you, the parent, to love reading
– how to benefit from the power of reading aloud
– why you should follow the Pleasure Principle (Hint: Your kids will love you for it!)
– the seven steps to turning your reluctant reader into an avid reader
– how to make establishing new habits and behaviors fun and easy
– how making small changes the right way, the way we show you, yields big results.

Research data confirms that a child who reads books tends to become a more educated, successful and prosperous adult. Learn how to make the small changes that will drastically improve your child’s reading behavior. Let psychologist and bestselling children’s book author Strawberry Shakespeare show you how to quickly and easily instill a love of reading in your child, and watch him transform into a passionate reader right before your eyes.

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