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The Swines: Anecdotes Of A Piggly Family by [So, H. M.]

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“Eclectic, eccentric, and original. Fast-paced. Absurd. Whimsical.” ─ Suidae Gazette
“Cheeky, original, and witty. Wickedly fun!” ─ Bacon Daily News

Sam is a twelve-year-old boy from a family of pigs. His mom is a prize sow, a British Lop of very high breeding. His dad is a warthog, the pedigree, no one is quite sure. Sam’s parents are swine, but he’s perfectly normal.

Sam and his family live in a medium sized town called Suidae Valley somewhere in the middle of California between Porterville and Salinas. His mom enjoys gardening and mud baths. His dad is a booming, retired plumber. He’s a little rough around the edges. The family is piggly, but they fit right in with everyone in town, who call themselves Suids.

Told in first person, episodic format, Sam is a precocious kid with a talent for imagination, observation, and occasionally, even curious profundity. The narrative is eccentric, novel, and original, ranging from the orthodox to stream of consciousness and reverse chronology.

The Swines ─ Anecdotes Of A Piggly Family, is at times thoughtful, at times absurd, but most of the time compelling, as the author takes readers on a journey into an unconventional world at the intersection of humans, pigs, and boy.

Praise for The Swines:
• “Irreverent, precocious, and self-mocking, the Swines are compelling, and Suidae Valley’s native son sparkles with humor.” ─ Suidae Valley Times
• “Written in the first person, twelve-year-old Sam dazzles with inquisitive observations and keen philosophical meanderings sure to delight adults and precocious kids of every age. A page-turner.” ─ Porcine Book Review
• “A crossover novel that will appeal to everyone regardless of age, sex, background or genus.” ─ Bovine Society
• “Satirical, ludicrous and bold. Animal Farm meets Aesop’s Fables. An incisive lesson in every chapter.” ─ Weekly Porker
• “Politically incorrect. Genius!” ─ Young Hogs
• “A smorgasbord of subjects, from Law of Attraction to North Korea. A topical tour de force!” ─ Suidae Globe
• “Page after page of non-stop chortles . . .” ─ The Boarish Post
• “Cache of lexical brilliance!” ─ Sus Semantic Academy

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