#freebooks – Vikings: Viking Mythology: Thor, Odin, Loki and More Norse Myths Complete Guide – 3RD EDITION by Simon Hawthorne

Vikings: Viking Mythology: Thor, Odin, Loki and More Norse Myths Complete Guide - 3RD EDITION by [Hawthorne, Simon]


Welcome to the Realm of Viking Mythology!

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Mythology is interesting as well as complicated.
It becomes even more intricate when the narrators and their opinions are many and do not seem to converge at some point.
This is however, one side of the picture.
Mythology can be worth considering if one follows it with concentration and an evaluative approach.

This book unveils all those significant features of Viking mythology, which can be interesting as well as elaborative for your knowledge about the Vikings and their ancient tales. The major theme of the book is to break all those incorrect views, which have traveled across the various areas of Viking mythology.

Viking mythology is also a worth viewing and evaluative area of mythology, which unveils multi-layered aspects of Norsemen civilization. The Viking era cherishes a long history that is why a number of historical records have been distorted or altered. However, on the basis of the most authentic and reliable information and historical text available, I have compiled this book, to make it a comprehensive, yet elaborative source of knowledge about Viking mythology and related characters.

Viking mythology deals with a number of different aspects of Norsemen civilization and their beliefs and rituals. This book will uncover all those distinctive tales and mythological narration, which are helpful in understanding the Vikings. The manuscript of the book has been written and formulated on the basis of the most authentic and consistent information and historical text available. Although it was impossible to cover all the aspects, yet you will find this book elaborative enough for covering the major aspects of Viking mythology and the related characters.

The book has been divided in different subsections, with the groundwork of the discussion of the emergence of Viking era. The purpose is to take the readers on board and make them feel familiar to this domain of mythology. The overlapping context of Viking and Norsemen mythology has also been discussed, to dissolve up the bewilderment about these two. The Viking mythology deals with two types of characters, giants and Gods. So in the book I have tried to provide a brief account of the most prominent Gods and Goddesses, along with different other characters of giants, who are frequently mentioned in the Viking literature of mythology.

This book will uncover the following main areas:
•The earliest sources of Viking mythology from the ancient times, since the creation
•The discussion of Viking Legacy as an outgrowth of Norse mythology
•A comprehensive discussion about some prominent Characters of Viking Mythology
•An account of the Myths of Thor, Odin and Loki
•Some contemporary Knowledge about Viking Myths that is helpful to understand the underlying notion of Viking mythology

This #1 Best Selling Critically Acclaimed Book is now available Globally on Amazon – Download it Now!

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