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Warriors in the Darkness: Battling the Dragons of Depression and Anxiety by [Russell, Hayden]

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Countless people struggle with depression and anxiety in everyday life. Maybe it’s not deep, maybe they’re functional, maybe they’re getting by- but that’s it- just getting by. Warriors in the Darkness frames depression and anxiety as dragons- separate from you, trying to keep you under their power. But did you know that there’s ONE thing you can do to stop each dragon and gain that power back? Warriors also branches out into the practical components of battling depression and anxiety in everyday life- dealing with thoughts, emotions, triggers, behaviors, and learning how to attack each of these like a Warrior. Ultimately, while depression and anxiety may never totally go away, Warriors will help you position yourself so that you’re better able to battle them on a day to day basis and retain the power that will allow you to thrive in life. Note: The content of this book is not intended as professional or medical advice and should not be used or substituted as such.
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