#freebooks – Windows 10: Total User Guide To Operating System: (Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 10 Manual) by Martin Harris

Windows 10: Total User Guide To Operating System: (Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 10 Manual) by [Harris, Martin ]

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Windows 10: Total User Guide To Operating System

You can get more out of your Windows operating system because this book is designed for your help. This book contains important tips, tricks, and techniques that will prove helpful for you to increase the efficiency of this new system. If you want to explore the features and unique applications of this windows, then you can read this book for your help. The book will help you to understand the basic and advanced settings of Windows 10. The book covers all important topics so that you can increase the productivity of this window. You will learn about updates, installation, the configuration of apps, and lots of other things. The Start Menu of Windows 10 has lots of things for you. This book will offer:

    • Overview of Windows 10
    • Getting Started with Windows 10
    • Start Menu, Features, Lock Screens and Personalized Accounts
    • Downloading and Setting of Default Apps and Updates
    • Tips and Tricks to Increase the Productivity of Windows 10

You will learn the compatibility and other important requirements to install this windows on your laptop or mobile. Download this book, if you are ready to take the advantage of this wonderful operating system powered by Microsoft.

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