Highest Order – An Action Thriller Novel (A Noah Wolf Novel, Thriller, Action, Mystery Book 10)

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Highest Order

Highest Order – An Action Thriller Novel (A Noah Wolf Novel, Thriller, Action, Mystery Book 10)
David Archer
5.0 out of 5 stars(41)

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John Rossiter died of a fractured skull due to a sudden fall. That was the verdict of the doctor, who signed the death certificate and the coroner, who certified the death. That was also what his wife of two years was happy to believe despite the fact that nobody witnessed the accident and some of his injuries were inconsistent. Rossiter’s mother suspects foul play and hires Private Investigator, Steve Passarelli to handle the case. And when Passerelli starts to investigate, he suddenly realised that certain things didn’t add up. As far as Passarelli was concerned, it was good money for a pretty straightforward assignment. But from the moment he accepted the assignment, Passarelli was set up as a fall guy. Somewhere along the way, things take a sinister twist. Then Passarelli realised what he was up against; a world-class cover-up in a class of its own. And he was suddenly the target. But was it really a cover-up? Passerelli’s not the kind of guy to fall for a gambit. He’s a stickler. And he’s absolutely determined to see this caper through to the nerve-racking, heart-pounding climax. Set in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, South Carolina, New York, Warsaw and North Dakota, Snowdon unleashes another tense, edge-of-the-seat US detective thriller.

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