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#freebooks – When We Were Dragons is Free on Amazon, a YA fantasy told from the POV of a dragon.
#freebooks – The Gratitude Effect: Shift your mindset, Optimize your outcomes, and Boost emotional well-being
#freebooks – The Serial Killer Entrepreneur: Start Your Business Today (Kindle Edition)
#freebooks – MAKE QUALITY EBOOKS ON AMAZON FOR FREE: 4 Step Guide on How to Assemble, Design, Promote, And Sell Books Online (Kindle Edition)
#freebooks – [Kindle] Words of Wisdom What the Owl Knows – FREE until May 21st
#freebooks – My fiancee’s cousin just published her first book! “The truth about goblins” is free until Tuesday night at midnight
#freebooks – The Luddites: The History and Legacy of the English Rebels Who Protested against Advanced Machinery during the Industrial Revolution by Charles River Editors
#freebooks – Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas by Frederick Douglass
#freebooks – Elizabeth Bathory: Life and Legacy of Histories Most Prolific Female Serial Killer (Vampire, Serial Killers, Female Killers, True Vampires) by James Oliver
#freebooks – 50 Slow-Cooker Enchilada Recipes: From delicious Enchiladas with Rice and Honey to tasty Shrimps Dishes – measurements in grams by Mattis Lundqvist
#freebooks – The Insider’s Guide to the Best of Mexico: 42 experts tell you where to sun, swim, eat, stay, and celebrate the real Mexico by Carmen Amato
#freebooks – The Feedback Loop: (Book One) (Cyberpunk LitRPG Series) by Harmon Cooper
#freebooks – A Short Life of Marie Antoinette by John Abbott
#freebooks – Salsa Recipes: The Ultimate Guide – Over 30 Delicious & Best Selling Recipes by Jackson Crawford
#freebooks – [pdf] “Fundamentals of Business” a textbook by Stephen J Skripak from Virginia Tech