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#freebooks – The Complete Walt Whitman: Drum-Taps, Leaves of Grass, Patriotic Poems, Complete Prose Works, The Wound Dresser, Letters (A to Z Classics) by Walt Whitman
#freebooks – JFK: Summary of the 19,045 assassination documents released April 26, 2018. (The Seven Seals Book 648) by Kenneth Lewis (CSE)
#freebooks – The Federalist Papers by John Jay
#freebooks – Sacrifices: E-book Edition by Kenneth Vance
#freebooks – Fish Like You Mean It! (Free through Sunday, May 13th)
#freebooks – 5/11-5/15 Darkroom Dreamer available for free; An Authors Note introduction, 10 chapters and a bonus story. EnJoY!
#freebooks – Alex Sterling and the Enlightening – FREE until May 15th
#freebooks – Salacious (The Capital Vices Book 1) by Elizabeth Tarington – FREE until May 15th
#freebooks – Boy and Hog Return: a horror short story by John L. Lansdale (Zombie Gold, Slow Bullet) FREE May 11-13 “Even Monsters Have Mamas”
#freebooks – Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne
#freebooks – The Night of the Trolls by Keith Laumer
#freebooks – The Old Martians by Rog Phillips
#freebooks – [Kindle] Alex Sterling and the Enlightening – FREE until May 15th
#freebooks – Justice for the Black Knight by Jerri Blair
#freebooks – [Kindle] In the wake of a tragic accident, an idyllic marriage turns into something more sinister, and when the zombie apocalypse begins one couple must decide how long they’re willing to let their vows bind them… TILL DEATH. Free today.