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#freebooks – Captivating History offers huge Mythology bundle for free until Saturday! The bundle includes Greek, Egyptian, Norse, Celtic and Roman Mythology.
#freebooks – Aristotle: The Complete Works by Aristotle
#freebooks – Breeder Reaction by Winston K. Marks
#freebooks – Newly Free Horror Kindle Book Lists for 2018-08-30
#freebooks – Chronicles of Avonlea by Lucy Maud Montgomery
#freebooks – The Last Man by Mary W. Shelley
#freebooks – Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott
#freebooks – 93 FREE Kindle eBook Downloads (08/30/2018)
#freebooks – Dust McAlan Books 1 & 2 by CK Burch #action #pulpadventures
#freebooks – Nana’s Family Cookbook: Our Most Loved Family Recipes by Hannah Abedikichi
#freebooks – FOUR FREE Ebooks by Kate Cullen #9-12 #middlegrade
#freebooks – The Peter Pan Alphabet by Oliver Herford
#freebooks – Moroccan Kitchen: TOP 40 Moroccan Couscous Recipes For Couscous Lovers by John Lemans
#freebooks – The True Story of Yu Fen – about a persecuted religious sect in China – ebook free through the weekend
#freebooks – THE complete guide to winning SnG poker (without the boring bits!) by Coach Chris