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#freebooks – Whill of Agora: Book 1 (Legends of Agora) by Michael Ploof
#freebooks – Sci-fi thrillers: all 3 books in the Ziva Payvan series are FREE for Kindle May 29-31
#freebooks – Timeglass: A Dystopian Time Travel Thriller (needs reviews!)
#freebooks – Saratoga Letters: Can regrets from the past stir love’s resolve in the present? by Elaine Marie Cooper
#freebooks – White Blazing : An American Pilgrimage Part One
#freebooks – The Apples of Idunn: Eschaton Cycle (Gods of the Ragnarok Era Book 1) by Matt Larkin
#freebooks – 151+ Funny Yo Momma Jokes: The Funniest Yo Mama Jokes/Your Mama Jokes by LOL Funny Jokes Club
#freebooks – The Templar’s Cross by J.R. Tomlin
#freebooks – The History of Parthian Empire: A Complete History from the Establishment to the Downfall of the Empire: Geography of Parthia Proper, … Parthians, Revolts of Bactria and Parthia (Illustrated Edition) by George Rawlinson
#freebooks – The Great Empires of the Ancient East: Egypt, Phoenicia, The Kings of Israel and Judah, Babylon, Parthia, Chaldea, Assyria, Media, Persia, Sasanian Empire & The History of Herodotus by George Rawlinson
#freebooks – Assyrian Empire (Illustrated Edition) by George Rawlinson
#freebooks – Persian Empire: Conquests in Mesopotamia and Egypt, Wars Against Ancient Greece, The Great Emperors: Cyrus the Great, Darius I and Xerxes I (Illustrated Edition) by George Rawlinson
#freebooks – The History of Babylon (Illustrated Edition) by George Rawlinson
#freebooks – Hopebreaker: A Dystopian Military Sci-Fi Adventure (The Great Iron War, Book 1) by Dean F. Wilson
#freebooks – Your Journey to Calm: A Guide to Leaving Anxiety and Panic Attacks Behind – FREE on May 28th