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Are you a self-published indie Author?


Are you seasoned or established author connected with an ancient publishing house?

Whatever be the case, it is imperative that you need to be part of the internet revolution to bring better fortunes for your books. It is certain that you would require creating a website, in order to market yourself and your book.

There are better ways to build your portfolio, not necessary that you need to own a website of your own, in fact, having hundreds or thousands of author websites, will only diminish the chance of growth. The better way is to feature in one public portal, wherein, many authors can market their books. That is where AuthorsRushIn comes into the picture. We help hundreds of authors to get the much-needed Internet stamp in their effort to get noticed.

With the most recent tools and plugins, our site - Authors Rush In. com - is created to continuously improve, adopt global standards, meet deadlines and to achieve high-quality services. There are no rules on how this website is created.

With the creativity level flowing throughout, we keep modifying our pages often to bring in the novelty and richness on the site. Our approach in building this website is to attempt, at least some of the following,

1. Promote the books through social media.

2. To get the readers on our email list, so that the communication between authors and readers are engaged.

3. Help to sell the books.

4. Let the authors speak about their upcoming book events.

With only, growth in our mind, we have started this journey to help new or established authors gain momentum in their marketing strategies. I wish you all a very good success and better fortune, in marketing your books this year.

From the desk of

Rajesh Kunnatheeri


CEO - Authorsrushin.com

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What are we for?

We (which includes you) are committed to bringing in the best out of ourselves to give way for our growth. Many authors, accept that just by placing a book on any site will not help even the least to gain momentum and to be found by the readers. I am making this statement with utmost authority, after having experimented by myself. So it had become mandatory, to do our part in getting the books reach to a larger section of readers and to greater heights.

How can we achieve this?

It cannot happen in one single day, but by continuous effort, put religiously, will let your readers wait and watch for your books to be published. That is when an author can taste his real success. The first step getting this done is to let the readers speak about your book. And for this, every author should come forward to make a statement or write an essay about your work.Once you make an article or write-up on your book, then you have done your part. The essay that you write about your book, should be authentic and truthful in nature.

In my experience as a reviewer, I would strongly make a statement that readers would love to hear directly from Authors words about the book. As an author, you can talk about the source and necessity of writing the book and what, actually, had driven you to choose the subject.

Next Steps...

Are you an author of a book and striving hard to market, before you take a giant leap it is necessary that you take small steps, we want to be one of  your small steps, in reaching your goal.