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Authors rush in is dedicated to take a step closer for authors to meet their goals. Ofcourse, after writing your book, the next step you look for is to publish and promote. Even well renowned authors think of novel ways to promote their books. So we cannot eliminate book promotion from book publishing.

Getting Reviews

When we speak of book promotion the first thing that comes in our mind is reviews about your work from eligible readers. The word of mouth will take a giant leap in getting your book to reach all heights. Our primary help for authors is to get genuine reviews for their books.

SEO & Social media

When I speak about reviews, I also want to make it clear that authorsrushin is not about false reviews. Instead, we set few strategies wherein you can see your book getting promoted by the power of SEO techniques and social media.

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Our Marketing Features


Book tweets - for 3 days
3 reviews (if any additional reviews require, need to contact us)
Facebook publicity
Featuring the book to our Slack team
Listing of books in Instagram
Placing your book in Google +
Share your book in Linkedin
Display in Pinterest board
Display in Tumblr
Post it in Blogger
Post it in Flickr
Post in Instapaper
Post in Inoreader

and the list grows more and more…..

Pay to proceed

Free giveaways along with your book

Other than book reviews, this is yet another method to profitable and successful method to make your books reach maximum people. There are many free giveaways, that we help to integrate with your book, to be given to the subscribers. We take this service, only after your approval, and authors who do not want to use this feature can just resort to only review requests.

New Job Board portal for all your job requirements.

Other than reviews and marketing of your books, we take a step forward to fill your job requirements. As an Indie author or publisher, you would have many job requirements to be done by freelancers or a team of professionals, you need not look further other than our Blog Author Job Board, it is easy to use and can list all your job requirements, in just few clicks.


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